267972_10150230921302257_2715160_nI woke up uncharacteristically at 6.30am today
Jet-lag? I don’t think so
Excitement of being home perhaps

There is a familiar feeling of early mornings in India which I have missed in all the years I’ve been away
The sound of birds, the sweet chirping kind
The rhythmic fan whirring on what promises to be a hot summer day

We don’t have ceiling fans nor enough birds in the city of Hong Kong
Is this the life of a Non-Resident Indian?
The dichotomy and the constant comparisons
Whether leaving home was right or wrong

The tinkling of glass bangles, my mom’s up I can tell she moves in an assured way
She’ll put on a brew and make the best tea
The annoying pressure cooker whistle
Boiled potatoes for breakfast maybe
I don’t care, willful ignorance I’d say

I’m on holiday. I don’t have to wake up to the shrill of an alarm
This could be my childhood in Goa with its quiet lanes. To be roused with the rustling of the morning papers
This could be Bombay. There’s music in the cacophony if you strain to listen
This could be my parents place in Poona where I sleep the best
Feeling safe, like the world can do no harm

I’ll pretend to be asleep
Let these sounds and smells envelop me
The uniformity of being home
Wherever that might be

11 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Home will always be where the heart is and your heart is currently not at home hence you write and write you will more and more till the heart comes knocking at your door……


  2. Yes! Finally…. I love to read your vivid thoughts… You write beautifully and evocatively about something I can so identify with. Waiting eagerly for more from you.


  3. Beautiful! You paint an achingly accurate picture with a most vivid palette. Its a pleasure to read as you paint your thoughts & imagination. All the best! Waiting for more… 🙂


  4. Loved it Rashmi! You write super well and can so relate to your words. Keep at it as can’t wait to read more. Good luck! 🙂


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