Time travel with Tommy Girl

Anyone who knows me remotely will know my love for perfumes
Little bottles in 50 and 100 ml
Making the days tolerable
and nights that promise.. oh well

I recently bought a perfume because it reminds me of a special person
Thinking I’ll buy it for old time’s sake
Yet, it stood unopened in my cabinet
Was I saving it for a special occasion or avoiding reminiscing about a carefree past?

I finally wore it on a Friday thinking it would lift my spirits higher
Dressed to the nines in a lipstick, a shade darker
I set-off for lunch with the ladies
Feeling fashionable much like Sarah Jessica Parker

With that weekend-is-here feeling and a skip in my step
although in high heels it quickly changes to a wince
I felt the pangs of memories
and they haven’t left me since

Images of a tiny apartment in Bombay
Chatting endlessly and watching night turn to day
With my flat mate and best friend forever
Pay cheque to pay cheque making us stronger in our endeavour

Saving for the much-needed vodka and Sprite
Despite the rising rent and bills, things were always right
Life was bright and full of colour
even if we had to rent an air conditioner to fight the summer
Pizzas and strawberry ice-cream only on a special Sunday
The humour in the survival stories of Bombay

It would be party-central on weekends
Top off-the-charts nights as the floor cushions were cleared for the dance floor
We danced and crooned much to our neighbours curiosity
We were ambitious, independent and happy


This perfume was discovered by her, or was it me?
There was no you nor I, you see
As we both dashed to work; the fragrance would be wafting in the house
and linger in the evening making me wonder just how much did you douse?

I chanced upon our pictures
Nostalgia hitting me as I stared at the photo of our room with its curtains and fixtures
It will be your birthday soon and I want to celebrate you
Sorry I couldn’t hold your hand when you got your first tattoo

I miss you
I miss me with you
I punched your number from memory – ready to dial
Despite the melancholy that Tommy Girl has triggered, I smile