“I’m so tired Neev” I surprise myself by confiding in my child. “Come Mama, sleep on my chest my son offers. I resist but he pats his chest so I put my head gingerly on his lap instead. I don’t allow myself to sink lower as his bony knees are a reminder of his small, 4 year old frame. “Sleep properly Mama, you won’t hurt me” he says intuitively, so I settle in.

I close my eyes for a minute. A moment of surrender for someone who rarely rests during the day. He’s enjoying some television time but I can feel his gaze on me. I look up and find him smiling down at me. For the first time, I see my tenderness mirrored back at me which fills my heart with gratitude. A heartbreakingly, fleeting moment which I want to capture forever. “Mama, he says, you are my queen”.

Amidst all the chaos and the challenges of motherhood, there are these brief moments of unexpected happiness. Happy Mother’s Day to me!